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The Truth Behind Water Fasting Weight Loss Diets

Fasting weight loss plans can be used for people who need to drop a few pounds in a short period of time. It is not...
Best Medicine For A Cold - Fever & Sore Throat

Best Medicine For Cold – Fever & Sore Throat + Steps to taken

It's winter again and that means colds… in fact adults average two to three a year you may even know someone that...
men depression too

Men Have Depression Too and How to treat it [2019 research]

I was sitting on the toilet when I first realized that something was very wrong. The moment had a sense of inevitability to it, like...

“Female Hormones”

Hormones: Hormones are ‘chemical messenger ‘  that secreted by Endocrine Glands and travel in...
Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety – Does It Work?

What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)? Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a form of therapy used for the psychological treatment of common mental and anxiety disorders.

Don’t Brush Where You Flush

Your toothbrush is home to more than 100 million bacteria containing E. coli and staphylococci (Staph) bacteria, according to investigators. Mostly toilets...
baby bad breath problem

Baby Has Bad Breath and What To Do About It

If your baby has bad breath, it can occur for many reasons. Let's say you are taking your baby for a walk in the stroller...

Interview with 70 years old Karyn Kahn Share Secret of Her Dental Health

Keep Them Clean That means brushing with a fluoride tooth-paste for Two minutes 2 times a day. Avoid any chemical whitening toothpastes, which may...
melanoma cancer

First sign of Melanoma Symptoms

Melanoma is cancer of the skin melanoma has the highest mortality rate of all dermatological cancers… melanomas also one of the most common cancers...
runners hip injuries

Runners Hip Injuries and How to Fix them

One of two things: you can either get sharp pain during running in the time of the injury, or you can get a dull...